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The Inner Artist

I had an idea to do a set of body paints focused on showcasing different styles of art. I wanted to paint the images in a way that gave the look of revealing the inner artist. I wasnt sure how I wanted to do the reveal until I remembered one of Wiser Oner's pieces where he created the look of pulled skin. I attempted to recreate that effect for this set. Each person in this series of photos is an actual representative of that respective art style. I always feel the more personal the connection to a painting the model has, the more that model will love being a part of that project. This is just the first set of artist. I still would like to have representatives of other art styles inluding painting, illustration, sculpting, singing and more.

The Poet

Model: Sarah 'Little Sheba'

The Musician

The Photographer

Model: Lisette Ranga

The Male Dancer

Model: Jean Franco Vergaray

The Female Dancer

Model: Jazmin Adelina Sagastiverza

And below is

The Dance Partners

Models: Jean Franco Vergaray & Jazmin Adelina Sagastiverza

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