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Hatching Angels

The latest piece added to my body of photo manipulations. While sitting at a bar having a cold beer and doing some sketching the idea of angels hatching out of eggs suddenly came into my head. I promise I didnt have that many beers at this point. I was really excited to make this idea come to life. Once I found the right model I was on my way.

People are always asking me how I do my images. So for this piece I decided to do a little speed art video to accompany it. Giving a little peak at what I do. This is the first time I do a speed art video so my work flow was a little off as I was also focused on the video. Some parts were left out to speed the video along and some because I forgot to press record. All in all, however, the majority of the process is there. The last steps are also missing as I got a little burst of inspiration after the video was done.

Also special shout out to KT Kt Mulholland for providing the soundtrack to the Speed Art Video.

You can find her at her website

and on youtube

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